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    (On the street)

    A: Hey what are we going to do today?

    B: Let's go and watch the movie.

    sis: Oh my father's birthday is on this Sunday, can you guys accompany me to choose a present for him?

    bro: I nearly forgot! What should we buy then?

    C: How about a nice necktie?

    D: Or a piece of signing pen?

    A: That's a good idea, I brought a necktie for my father once and he really loves it.

    sis: Great! I think my father would love to receive a necktie too.

    bro: Shall we do that before going to the cinema?

    B: Let's go and shop in the mall next to the cinema.

    C: Sure we should go there, I know there are some really nice shops in that mall.

    (Arrive the necktie shop)

    sales: Welcome! Can I help you?

    sis: Yes, we are looking for a necktie for my father's birthday

    bro: Can you recommend some of them to us?

    sales: Sure! How about this black one? It is made of silk絲.

    D: This one looks too dull 陰沈的, don't you think?

    A: Yes I think so, can you show us some more?

    B: His father works in a office, so he can't wear something that is too colorful.

    C: I think you are right? How about dotted pattern ones? 圓點

    D: Yes how about this white one with blue dots?

    sis: I am not sure my father will like it....

    bro: I agree, maybe it will be too cute for him.

    A: Then how about stripped ones? 間條

    sales: Let me show you this one, it has blue and black stripes 間條 on it.

    B: It looks great! And it feels very soft 柔軟的 too.

    C:I think your father will love it and wear it to work everyday!

    D: I bet he will!

    sales: This is really a very nice necktie, and the price is very reasonable too.

    sis: What do you think?

    bro: I like it too! Let's buy this one shall we?

    sales: Thank you very much! Do you need to gift wrap 用包裝紙包裝 it?

    A: Is the gift wrapping free of charge?

    sales: Yes, and we will give you a free gift box too.

    B: Oh that will make it look much nicer!

    C: Maybe you can make a birthday card and put it inside the box too.

    D: Yes, and we can help to draw the birthday card too.

    sis: Thanks guys! (to salesman) How much is it?

    sales: That will be $120.

    bro: Here is $120. (paying the money)

    sales: Thank you very much! Here you go (give bro the necktie). Thank you and see you again!

    (Leaving the shop)

    A: It is so nice of you to buy such a nice gift for your father.

    sis: Thanks so much you guys!

    bro: Yes thanks so much for the ideas!

    B: Don't mention it 不用客氣!

    C: Shall we go buy the movie tickets now?

    D: Sure let's go now, and we will make the birthday card after the movie.

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