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點解香港人著衫咁casual, 咁悶?

香港人大部份都只穿T-shirt 同牛仔褲, 不論是什麼場合(如:參加緍宴)都這樣穿著, 但外國的人出席這些場合都會dress up以示專重,但香港的人很少會這樣做呀。點解呢?

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    Hi, are you from HK? I am just interested to discuss with you. I am from HK but have also been living in different places. Thus have some observations. I want to split your discussion into 2 parts.

    (1) 香港人大部份都只穿T-shirt 同牛仔褲: other than wedding, do u refer to other context also? My observations tell, first of all, the weather and humidity matters. Imagine the weather is so hazy, humid and hot for 70% of the year. People are just afraid to get sweaty and smelly. This is also common in Singapore and Malaysia. Moreover, over 80% are not driving. When you go from point A to B, it is not door-to-door. You need to take the mass transport and walk a bit at least. Dressing up will make you very tiresome, not only your feet hurt. When I was in California, people like to dress up when they dress from 1 point to another. But they very much dress down if they take public transport or going to grocery. Regarding the mass transport point, people will also care if they would get dirty/messy/creasy easily. So don't you find te rich people in HK like to dress in light color/white, like clothes and shoes? While those not so rich like to pick black and dark color? This is quite worldwide --> rich people pick light color. Furthermore, the distance between people tend to zero. I am not sure about your concept of dress up --> sometime for girls it means "sexy" and less clothes. Zero distance will make the girls less dress up to protect themselves.

    不論是什麼場合(如:參加緍宴)都這樣穿著: I agree. But at the same time, do you find they pay a lot for these tees? Maybe they think they wear a brandname tee is already very respectful. Though I might not agree.

    外國的人出席這些場合都會dress up以示專重: I assure, this is not usually the case. Unsure if you are from somewhere, but the foreigners when they dress up, they would usually just wear black but can be very cheap or have been worn for 10 years. You know, Americans and Europeans don't care about clothes that much. Another fact is they usually dress down at normal times, tees and shorts and jeans. Thus once they have a chance to do so, they would do so. HK has a phenomenon that those officer workers tend to dress up Mon to Fri, then they like to dress down during weekends. While those who don't need to dress formal from Mon-Fri, then would dress up during weekends.

    Lastly I don't know fi you refer to some other people like Japanese. If yes, I don't think they dress up either. They rather just put the money on their bodies only.

    但香港的人很少會這樣做呀: not really la. Go to Central in the morning. Go to SOHO, TST, at night. They are pretty dress up ar.

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    而且一般香港人都唔會dress up,因為香港人覺得在某程度上有d kai kai 地。

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