Growth Strategies

我想問下有沒有一d 公司是可以 apply 以下的 strategies, 每一個策略可以吾同公司~~


1) Concentration

2) Market Development

3) Horizontal Integration

4) Vertical Integration


6) Product development

7) Conglomerate Development

8) Concentric Diversification

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  • 1 十年前

    Merger and acquisition is the most common growth strategy at corporate level adopted by executives for instantly expanding their company size and turnover.

    However, there are many other ways to maintaining the company competitive edges over their rivals. they are:

    (1)Concentration--A strategy employed for an organization that operates a single business and competes in a single industry that it becomes an expertise in the related industry. For example, Intel, CLP power of HK and the like.

    (2) Market Development--the process of finding new markets for a company's products. For example, identify new market segments and new market locations for a company's products of existing. China probably is a new market to the US Wal-Mart and the French Carrefour

    (3) Horizontal Integration—is defined as the same and similar status of two companies are integrated together tapping for bigger market share and extra territory while their resources and costs could be shared and saved for a certain extent to which synergetic advantages could be realized after right sizing the organizational structure. For example Exxon and Mobile Company, HP and Compaq and Bell & GTE became Verizon.

    (4) Vertical integration can be in backward direction to up stream suppliers and/or in forward direction to down stream distributors and retailers. For example Henry Ford had fully integrated his company from ore mines needed to make steel all the way to eliminate uncertainties and reduce costs associated with suppliers or distributors.

    (5) Diversification—Business is diversified into many different business portfolios either they are related (concentric diversification) or unrelated (conglomerate diversification)

    (6) Product development—is the creation of new and improved products to replace existing ones from time to time. It is important for maintaining product differentiation and building market share. Short life products--consumer electronics products such as handsets, computers, digital cam and etc would be rapidly retired by new models in months; Car would have longer life that has 2 interval product face-lifts; however it will be replaced by new models in 3-4 years.

    (7) Conglomerate diversification—this strategy used to add new businesses that produce unrelated products or are involved in unrelated markets and activities, so it includes many different business portfolios in order to maximize total revenues while business risk could be spread out. GE has so many unrelated businesses from insurance and finance to home appliances

    (8) Concentric diversification—this strategy used to add new business that produce related products or are involved related markets and activities. So it could share some sort of resources for cost concerns. For example, 3M, the glue producer is offering numerous glue related products from sandpaper for metal polishing, many kinds of rap tapes, command hooks, post-it, signage board, and light-box materials, furniture trims and films, commercial graphic wrap papers for bus panel advertisement and etc.