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有冇Gundam Seed Destiny 既簡介呀!!(英文版)10分~

有冇Gundam Seed Destiny 既簡介呀!!(英文版)



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  • 1 十年前

    Two years after the conclusion of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, a new chapter in the saga of the Cosmic Era begins. Gundam Seed Destiny introduces a new cast of heroes, in the form of Shinn Asuka and the crew of the ZAFT warship Minerva, as well as a number of returning characters from the previous series.

    In Gundam Seed Destiny, we learn that the tensions between Earth and the PLANTs have continued even after the end of the previous war, and it seems almost inevitable that this brief interval of peace will soon give way to a new conflict. Is humanity doomed to endlessly repeat this cycle of war and hatred, or is there a way to break the chain and establish a lasting peace? And if so, will it be worth the cost?

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