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What is Magic?(anser me in English)

What is Magic?(anser me in English)

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  • vsloy
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    magic noun [U]

    1. the use of special powers to make things happen which would usually be impossible, such as in stories for children:

    The group are known for their belief in witchcraft and magic.

    As if by magic/Like magic, the car changes into a boat when it hits the water.

    2. the skill of performing tricks to entertain people, such as making things appear and disappear and pretending to cut someone in half:

    He's a comedian who also does magic.

    magic adjective

    1. with special powers:

    The witch put a magic spell on the prince and turned him into a frog.

    I'll show you a magic trick.

    2. happening in an unusual or unexpected way, or easily or quickly:

    There's no magic solution to the problem.

    There's no magic formula for winning - just lots of hard work.

    資料來源: Cambridge Dictionaries
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  • 1 十年前

    Magic Explanation

    Magic in Balamb Comes in 3 levels here is a rundown of each element and their levels


    Lv.1 Fire

    Lv.2 Fira

    Lv.3 FiragaThunder

    Lv.1 Thunder

    Lv.2 Thundara

    Lv.3 Thundaga


    Lv.1 Quake

    Lv.2 Break

    Lv.3 major Quake (all enemies)


    Lv.1 wind

    Lv.2 Blast

    Lv.3 Tornado (all enemies)


    Lv.1 Water

    Lv.2 Flood

    Lv.3 Tidal Wave


    Lv.1 Blizzard

    Lv.2 Blizara

    Lv.3 Blizaga

    Space (rare)

    Lv.1 gravity

    Lv.2 (none)

    Lv.3 Gravija (very powerful but uses 3 magical items of level 3 to make one)


    Lv.1 (none)

    Lv.2 Dark holy

    Lvv.3 (none)


    Lv.1 (none)

    Lv.2 Holy

    Lv.3 (none)


    Lv.1 slice

    Lv.2 sabre

    Lv.3 Ultima


    Lv.1 Sheild (magic defence), Shell (Physichal Defense)

    Lv.2 Sheilda, Shella, Wall (sheild and shell together)

    Lv.3 Walla (sheilda and shella together) Sheildaga, Shellaga


    Lv.1 Darkness, Fury, Sadness and berserk, sleep

    Lv.2 Silence, Poison, Confusion, Doom, (doom gives enemy 60 seconds to live)

    Lv.3 Paralysis (leaves you out of the battle until healed this means death or loss if there are no allies)

    Lv.4 (2 level 3 items required) Maelstrom (Poison, silence and sleep cast at once)


    Lv.1 slow

    Lv.2 Haste

    Lv.3 stop

    Magic Items

    These items can be refined into magic using your GF

    Lv.1 M-stone piece, screw, normal ammo, daggers

    Lv.2 Magic stone, sword, cactuar's tail, undead horn, turtle shell

    Lv.3. mystic blade, long sword, wizard stone, explosive ammo, t-rexaurs bone (if you kill a t-rexaur you get 15)

    if you decide to find an item that isn't named here take it to squall (in the story line) and he'll tell you what it's worth happy hunting and please be fair when you get items

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