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急!! 英文求職信! (10PT)

我想用e-mail sent 求職信, 請問要有咩內容? F.5, 做過6年文員, 2年seles (打自己工)(呢2年打自己工所以無離職証明, 點算?) , 識廣東話, 普通話, 不過英文只係識講少少咋 (聽好過講!) 識中英文打字, office..., 仲有d咩要講呀? ( 我想搵番文員 / 接待員...既工) 可唔可以就以上資料寫幾封既英文求職信 (比較好, 但係唔同寫法) 比我? thx!!

2 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    Hi there I could provide a sample letter for you

    Sample 1 1.1 Covering letter


    Employer address

    Dear Sir or Madam

    With reference to the position of the Sales Administrator advertised from the Classified Post on 28 August 2004. Enclosed is my resume for your consideration.

    In general, I have worked in several clerical positions more than 15 years. During the past employment period, the major duties were including:

    •Provided administration and general secretarial duties

    •Handled customers enquiries effectively

    •Able to preformed full sets of shipping and I/E documents

    •Maintained personnel payrolls, files and records

    For the past two years I have been with the Love and Bells Co. Ltd. I have been in charge of their daily sales operation and accounting transactions all of this time, and I believe I will be given a favourable recommendation. I am now ready to move into a more demanding and challenging position. I believe your company could provide this opportunity. My qualifications, including Certificate in Secretarial Studies and General Course Certificate (Commercial Stream) may match the requirements of your company, also, will provide me with an opportunity to meet the demands of the new role.

    As a highly motivated, energetic and hardworking person I am very keen to join your company and believe I can make a valuable contribution. As well as my skills, I can offer commitment, positive values of integrity, enthusiasm and a team oriented approach.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my application further and look forward to your reply soon.

    Yours truly

    Mary Lee


    Sample letter 1 1.2 Curriculum Vitae


    Name : LEE Ka Yan Mary

    Address : Flat 15 One Two Building 65 Black Street Kowloon Hong Kong

    Contact No. : 9568 1234

    Email :

    Sex : Female

    Health : Excellent

    Place of Birth : Hong Kong


    2001 – 2002Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

    Certificate in Secretarial Studies

    1996 – 1997Clothing Industry Training Authority

    Certificate Course in Garment Merchandising

    1992 – 1994Vocational Training Council

    General Course Certificate (Commercial Stream)

    1984 – 1985Cambridge Institute of Commerce

    1979 1984Sun Lun Secondary School

    Form 1 to Form 5


    Typing Speed: English – 60 wpm Chinese – 40 wpm

    P.C. Knowledge: Windows XP, Word Processing, Internal, E-mail

    Language:Cantonese, English, Mandarin

    LCC&I: Book-keeping and Accounts (Intermediate)


    Mar 2003 – May 2005Assistant Administration Officer

    Love and Bells Co., Ltd

    -Performed administration and secretarial duties

    -Administrated to contract activities and stock control

    -Processed daily cash-flow and accounting report

    -Maintained sales operation and assisted to customer services

    Sep 2001 – Jan 2003Shipping Clerk

    Franco Mercantile Agency Limited

    -Performed full sets of shipping and I/E documents

    -Handled customers enquiries

    -Following up the shipment

    Jun 1993 – Oct 2001 Secretary (Assistant to Chief Engineer)

    Hong Kong Hotel

    -Basic secretarial duties

    -Prepared daily report and monthly report

    -Handled personnel and administrative affairs

    -Handled daily correspondence


    First-Round up of Best Courtesy Employee (April, 2001)

    Employer:Hong Kong Hotel


    •Good communication and presentation skills

    •Confidentiality, tact and discretion when dealing with people

    •Good analytical skills

    •Ability to write concisely

    •Fluent in both spoken and written English and Chinese,

    good command in Mandarin


    Reading Chating with friends Movies


    9000 - 12000 per month


    Immediate availability


    To be available

    資料來源: If you have any further enquiry you could contact me
  • 1 十年前



    I have seen your advertisement and am interested in applying for the post of (clerk / receptionist). I enclose herewith my C.V. for your consideration and would be much appreciated if I would have the opportunity of attending an interview.

    Thank you for your kind attention.


    Name (Both English and Chinese)

    Date & Place of Birth


    HKIC No.


    Marital Status


    Contact No. (Mobile No. will be sufficient)


    Working Experience (here you can list out all your previous employment including self-employed)

    Skill / Expertise (typing, softwares you can handled, etc.)

    Interest / Hobby

    Salary Expected (you can state "negotiable")