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我想要一封letter.. 係一個士兵係第一次世界大戰果時..寄一封信返去比佢parents..

好簡單.. 最少150個字..就ok.. 最多可以...200- 300都ok..





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    Hello dad, hi mom. This is the first time I write home after being dispatched to the battlefield. How are you two doing? Well, life is harsh in this part of the world, but I’m alive and kicking, at least for now.

    War is raging here. We are in the middle of a street combat, it’s like playing hide-and-seek with our enemies in a house-to-house search and fight. I can tell you, it’s one hell of a war. I was once ambushed by a German, luckily a comrade of mine spotted the guy first and shot him. It demands a lot of guts, concentration and tactics in this sort of fighting. The Germans have also sent their tanks into the streets, and many of our comrades were killed or injured by their artillery. Our armies retaliated by deploying aircrafts which destroyed many of the tanks through heavy bombing. There are dead bodies everywhere, some badly mutilated. Hardly any house stands intact, heavy weapons have left nasty scars on the walls, while other buildings have completely collapsed. Surviving local citizens hide in air-raid shelters, having little to wear and almost nothing to eat.

    It is like hell on earth. But I must fight to the very end, for my country, for the world and for righteousness. Don’t worry mom, I will be alright, God is watching over me. Next time I write, I hope I will be bringing you good news on the war. Take care and God bless you.

    [ Strictly my own work ] (About 250 words)

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    harsh = 殘酷;alive and kicking = 生生猛猛;street combat = 巷戰;hide and seek = 捉迷藏;one hell of a war, hell 是俚語, 解 ‘該死的’;ambushed = 遭伏擊;comrade = 夥伴或戰友;tanks = 坦克車;artillery = 砲火;retaliated = 報復;mutilated = 殘缺不全;hardly...stands intact = 不能安然無恙;nasty scars = 難看的傷痕/痕跡;air-raid shelters = 防空洞

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    hell on earth = 人間地獄;righteousness = 正義

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    hope its helpful

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    firstly, u can write the home address. then you can write dear parents....

    next, u can tell parents i am safe and how big are the trenches. tell them some general informations. do not write in the detailed informations about the war, when is the big attack. the teacher will mark you down. usually the higher rankings of soldier or officers will chek them before they are sent back. be carefully with this! good luck! have fun!