Praeludium and Allegro & Romance

1). Kreisler/Pugnani---Praeludium and Allegro

2). Wieniawski---Romance from concerto no.2 in D minor. op 22

Anyone can give me the information of Praeludium and Allegro & Romance?


我12月要考violin atcl...要寫program notes..因為5月時都考過而我英文又唔係好..所以份notes得6分..所以想搵多d資料想拎高d分..有人可以幫到我嗎?

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    Because I am not a violin major I cannot answer you on the information on this but actually you can seek information from Wikipedia (easy to find online) and some books on the analysis of the works for the composers (can search in U libraries but still not a tough task). Yet I can help you on some guidelines writing the program notes

    Actually the objective of writing a program note is to 'let people know more about the music' and you can achieve that in several ways,

    (1) Start your program note by providing background information on this pieces like the historical background of the piece, why composer wrote this song, who the pieces dedicated to, when the piece first debut etc. (This session could be a brief one or a detailed one, depends on the length of your whole program)

    (2) The analysis of the pieces. You can discuss about the Form, tonality (and modulation), the theme (if it had), the structure, the special techniques applied, rhythmic patterns, harmonic structure and the style. For violin pieces I think your also stated how piano and violin melody intervine and become ONE masterpieces (the orchestraion).

    Also state how the analysis affect your intrepretation on the pieces, say for example, if you are playing an unaccompanied pieces, you need to highligh all the cadences especially the V-I progression that is what you should tell in the program note.

    (3) Wrap up the program note for some more background history like, how people afterwards comment on the works, or how significant it is as a violin reportiore.

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    其實搵人寫program note唔係唔係,價錢亦大概係一千蚊一份,但係始終考試係自己既,音樂圈咁細,你俾人知用槍手仲危險啦!

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    What sort of info are you after? All I know is that these pieces are from the 7th or 8th grade AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board). They are not easy to play or to get in tune, though I found the Romance just slightly easier than P/A. The Kreisler piece requires great control in the bow speed and technique for those martale (can't spell today) notes. Then the Allegro movement is just madness - quick fingers needed and lighter bow!

    The Romance requires a wide-ish vibrato but that depends on where in the music you are. I didn't like this piece too much as I'm not that into romantic period pieces.

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