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With No One as Witness--why did E. George kill her?

Why did the author (Elizabeth George) kill off Helen in *With No One as Witness*? Helen was one of the core characters in the Lynley's series...

Is it necessary?

(Please answer only if you have read the book. Thanks!)


This is not my homework or assignment... and I don't think any HK teacher will choose this book as a book report. So, please ans if you have read the book!

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  • 1 十年前

    yo buddy i have read that book too...

    I was kinda surprised that Helen was killed too..but oh is kinda obvious that he was trying produce a so-called *anticlimax* dont you think?

    I dont really think it is necessary kinda ruined the storyline...

    oh well...i have not liked Elizabeth George) in the first place anyway..

    2006-11-10 05:49:11 補充:

    i have never liked Elizabeth George in the first place*** seriously, if it was't the only (interesting-looking)book on my roommate's bookshelf, i 'd not even touch

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