information of Aztecs

i want to know about the Indigenous peoples, Colonisation and Contact History

i want to know about the aztecs in central america

1.indigenous culture


4.response of colonisation

5.european views of indigenous people

6.results of colonisation

7.primary sources


dont need to answer all of them ...

just answer as much as u can

please~~~!! ^^

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    The Aztecs are a tribe, according to their own legends, from Aztlan somewhere in the north of modern Mexico. From this place, which they leave in about the 12th century AD, they derive their name as Aztecs. By the time they settle again, after two centuries of migration and warfare, they are calling themselves by a different name - the Mexica.

    This is the name they use when the Spaniards discover and conquer them in the 16th century. Their capital later becomes known as Mexico City, and the entire region acquires the name of Mexico.

    It is either in the year 1325 or, more probably, 1345 that the Aztecs settle on an uninhabited island in Lake Tetzcoco (the difference in date depends on how the Mesoamerican 52-year calendar cycle is integrated with the chronology of the Christian era). They call their settlement Tenochtitlan.

    Their prospects in this place, where they are surrounded by enemy tribes, seem as unpromising as those of the Venetians on their bleak lagoon islands a few centuries earlier. Like Venice, against all the odds, Tenochtitlan becomes the centre of a widespread empire - and it does so much more rapidly, stretching across central America within a century. But unlike Venice, this is not an empire of trade. It is based on the Aztecs' ferocious cult of war.

    A brutal end: AD 1521-1533

    The destruction by the Spaniards of the great Inca empire in Peru, twelve years after the similar fate of the Aztecs, brings to an effective end nearly three millennia of indigenous civilization in America - though the Maya, hard to suppress in the Yucatan jungle, preserve for a while their own ways.

    The Spanish destroy the precious artefacts of these cultures with an unprecedented thoroughness - mainly in their lust for gold and silver, but sometimes (as with Mayan manuscripts) as an ideological assault on paganism. The result is that there is relatively little to show now for these rich cultures and their highly skilled crafts. Only the great pyramid mounds of their temples stand today as gaunt witnesses of a vivid past.

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