AL chem 新舊syllabus 的分別

我考07 al chem


我想知道係inorganic 和organic 的分別係乜?

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  • 莫愁
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    1 十年前

    Organic chemistry has deleted a lot of chapters

    no nitrogen compound [whole chapter deleted] (that is Phenol-N2+Cl compound )

    no alcohol an phenol [whole chapter deleted] but the oxidation reaction is required.

    no tollen test is required

    no iodoform test is required

    no diazo-compound testing for primary amide is required

    But I also read and make a revision on them for fear that it will appear in the examination.

    Inorganic chemistry

    no nitrogen and its compound is required.

    no sulphur and its compound is required

    but group IV compound is newly added

    For transition metal EDTA and NH2-CH2CH2-NH2 as ligand are also newly added

    drawing stereoisomerism for them is required.

    Food and addictive is deleted but BHT as an anti-oxidant is required.

    Polymer and drugs are newly added so as to replace the food and addictive chapter.

    You can check this on EMB 教統局web site and also download the new syllabus

    To my advice, buy the CC Lee book4 to read them all.

    I have made a call to EA (examination authority)28349922 and ask the chemistry manager questions about the deleted chapters. He said if those chapters are not listed in the syllabus,they will not appear in the chem. exam. But I don't believe what he said.

    I hope this willl help you.