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    I've read this book before, well, here's my report and comment...

    An eight-year-old unnamed girl demonstrates how important respect for life is with a "wave" of her magic finger. When her friends (and neighbors) go hunting with their father and bring back a young deer, the girl requests that they stop. She implores each one of them to stop shooting the birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer in the forrest near their home. Her pleas fall on deaf ears though as Mr Gregg,(the father of her friends) and his two sons laugh off her cries for mercy. This makes her so mad that she sees red. When she sees red, her finger takes over and nothing can be done to stop it.

    What's a girl to do when she turns her best friend and his family into hunted animals. Hopefully she wont have to resort to wagging her magic finger again.

    This was a really cute charming story. Though I was disappointed to find that our main character didn't have a name, the story pulls us right along in first person perspective. Immediately readers are intrigued because Dahl explains early on that she acted out of anger and what happened was pretty frightning.

    The book is fun and amusing, but carries a valuable message. While I beleive there are good reasons to hunt besides to eat, I appreciate Dahl's message. Why do some people hunt just for the sport of hunting? My family has always placed animals and natural life high in value. This book certainly echoes that.

    The illustrations are fantastic too. Quentin Blake's sketchy style of illustration creates a youthful energy that accentuates any story. While his illustrations are always simplistic and flat, they are fun and playful. He captures the imagination of every child by creating illustrations that children might create to go along with the story. Of course, black and white drawings evoke a certain simplicity and genuine vision that make his work unique.

    If you know anybody who is frustrated by hunting and poaching this book is great from them and their children. I actually think this book is great for anyone, hunters and nonhunters alike. It is youthful, fun and imaginative. Dahl puts his characters through experiences that children dream about. A quick easy read, this book should be added to any young child's collection and will round out the collection of anybody who enjoys Roald Dahl's imaginative narrative style. Great book for reading aloud or alone.

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    MAGIC FINGER is a very great book.It is everyone con read this book.It extrmely intresting and have a lot fun.It is talk about a finger can do a lot of magic and great things.I like this book very much.I think everyone should reanthis book.

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