uni of sydney???

有冇人讀過sydney 架 ??

難唔難考架 洗唔洗成績好好先去得~>???

仲有個到讀econ ,,commerce個d 好唔好~?

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  • 1 十年前

    I have just graduated from USyd.

    Well...it is always better if you have a higher score in ur HSC or other public exams; so that you could have more chance of which faculty to get in.

    Econ and Commerce?? USyd's is cool, although I can't say other uni like UNSW or UMacq is better or worse. I guess UNSW's is good, despite it is always known as the 8th uni of HK as there are heaps of HK students studying there. So...if you want to learn a much better English or get to know more local Australian students, USyd might be a better choice.

    As a whole, I think you don't really have to worry bout "If USyd is good or not" as the University of Sydney was ranked 35 in the overall university rankings this year, up from 38 last year. Its arts and humanities is also confirmed as world's best, only ranked after Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and UC Berkeley. This is according to The Times Higher Education Supplement's World University Rankings.

    N'way, hope it helps...Good Luck!!

    資料來源: Personal experience; USyd's website