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Teresa 發問於 旅遊澳洲其他 - 澳洲 · 1 十年前

Travelling in Aus - Syd - Gold Coast - Brisbane

I have 2 questions. Thanks much for advice:

1. How to travel from Sydney to Gold Coast (say surfers paradise)? Which means is cheap (say train or coast or car renting)? Any web sites for booking?

2. How to travel from Gold Coast to Brisbane? Which means is cheap? and any web sites?


Is it cheaper to have a travel package (i.e. air ticket from Sydney to Goldcoast- one way only plus accomodation). If so, please advice travel agents.

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    1 十年前

    1. From Sydney to Gold Coast, the cheapest and fastest (around 0.5 Hr) way is by air. Virgin blue offers tickets (one-way) from AUD59. They have something called "Happy Hour" daily (from 12 noon to 1pm Australia time) which offers tickets from as cheap as AUD 49! Of coz, the offers vary every day and the travel peroid is limited. Say for example, they may have cheap tickets from Sydney to Gold Coast today but not tomorrow. You have to check it out at their web site every day. Actually their tickets are still very cheap (around AUD79) even it's not Happy Hour. The earlier you book, the more likely you can find a cheap flight. I know the tickets offered during "Happy Hour" are unbelievably cheap but it's REAL because I've tried it myself. You may check it and book the ticket at

    Well I dont think it will be cheaper (and certainly not faster, around 14 Hrs) if you travel by train. From Sydney to Brisbane (I am not sure whether there is direct train from Sydney to Gold Coast so I just quote the price to Brisbane here), it costs about AUD125 (one-way) for economy seat. Still you may check that at

    For coach, it is not really cheap either. From Sydney to Brisbane at around AUD 100, 16 Hrs, one-way. You may check that at

    I have never considered driving coz I dont even have a driving licence. What I have in mind is that driving such a long distance is really exhausting, though you may enjoy the beautiful views along the road. Daily rate is about AUD55-60 for a small car (Holden Barina, Ford Festiva, Hyundai Excel), insurance included. Big firm sometimes offer one-way rentals, e.g. You may rent a car at Sydney and leave it in Brisbane. But there are many limitations such as a substantial drop-off fee. And if you cannot endure a continuous 16-hour driving, you may need to stay in a motel at night and this will certainly cost you more.

    2. From Brisbane to Gold Coast, the cheapest and most convenient way is by train. Citytrain services link Brisbane to three stations in the Gold Coast. Brisbane to Helensvale station: AUD7.6 (1 Hr), to Nerang station: AUD8.4 (1 Hr 10 min) and to Robina station: AUD10 (1 Hr 15 min). Check it at

    資料來源: experience and lonely planet Australia
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    1. the above answer was really thoro.

    additions: the jet is in promotion these days. it only cost u AU$79 for return plane ticket from sydney to gold coast, only if you book the ticket with a fd. say, cost u 2 for 1. ( my fds and I booked da tickets via the following web already)

    the website:

    and, go the top bottom, find out the item "sales fare".

    2. if you rent a car there, it'll cost u abt 40 mins drive from gold coast to brisbane city.