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漢服的主要特點是交領、右衽,不用扣子,而用繩帶系結,給人灑脫飄逸的印象。這些特點都明顯 有別於其他民族的服飾。漢服有禮服和常服之分。從形制上看,主要有「上衣下裳」制(裳在古代指下裙)、「深衣」制(把上衣下裳縫連起來)、「襦裙」制 (襦,即短衣)等類型。其中,上衣下裳的冕服為帝王百官最隆重正式的禮服;袍服(深衣)為百官及士人常服,襦裙則為婦女喜愛的穿著。普通勞動人民一般上身 著短衣,下穿長褲。






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    Characteristic and design of Chinese clothes

    Main characteristic, Chinese of clothes to pay neck, right Ren, it is unnecessary button, lead the department marry with rope, leave an free and easy and elegant impression on somebody. These characteristics are all obviously different from other national dress. Chinese clothes has the differences of full dresses and infomal dress. Think from structure, there are ' the skirt under jackets 's that are made mainly (skirt means in ancient times that puts skirts) , ' the dark clothing ' is made (sew the skirt under the jacket to link) , ' Ru's skirt ' is made (Ru, namely short clothing) Wait for the type. Among them, the crown clothes of the skirt, for the grandest and formallest full dress of officials of all ranks and descriptions of the emperor under the jacket; Robe ( Deep clothing) Officials of all ranks and descriptions and scholar infomal dress, Ru for dress that women like skirt. Ordinary working people wear the short clothing generally, put and wear the trousers.


    The coronet is one of the important parts of the Han nationality dress.

    The ancient men and women of the Han nationality coil up the hair into the chignon one on the head after growing up, regular with Ji. The man often wears precededding, piece of cloth, cap,etc., the structure is various.

    Woman chignon can comb various kinds of style, wear pearl head-ornaments, step person who shake various kinds of ornaments at chignon. Hair on the temple both sides adorn rich temples, is it wear curtain cap, lid hair to have too.

    The man obeys the impact on other national dress of perimeter of China

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