is HK free market getting worst? (急的)

is HK free market getting worst? 請詳答

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    No !!

    Hk is now adopting a free economic system . Eveything is done by invisible hand , Government is not allowed to intervence the market !

    Price setting of each products , how many the amount is going to produce are already reach to the equilibrium .

    If this keeps continues , everything will be alright and those products that are having damand in the market will stay and those who are not damanding will be out by supplier

    the only way , hk free market will be getting worse when goverment are ride over the econmics , e.g establishing the minimum wage rates , introduction of sales tax .

    this will harm the free market system !

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    曾特首說"當市場失衡時政府該有限度干預", 但政府不干預市場又何來失衡呢?