major to Work for ICAC

Hello, I want to ask if I want to work for ICAC , what kind of major should I get into? I can't do the Law right now though...probably what I will end up doing is communication or business...would this be alright?

Also, do anyone know hoe many post they have inside ICAC?

Thank you so much.


can you guys be more detailed please, like what kind of experience do they need?

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  • 1 十年前

    入ICAC, 最重要的不是你讀什麼科目, 就如考警隊一樣. 不過, 讀文科出身會有一定優勢. 最理想當然是讀 Law, 或者讀 BBA 一類亦很不錯, 所以你讀的也很合適.

    另外, 入ICAC亦好睇你在 administration 方面的經驗. 5 - 10 年 experience, 最起碼做到 AM 級數, 先可 appreciate 到人.

  • 1 十年前

    experience is the most concered element for ICAC to hire a ppl