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I got 7As(w/Eng) in CE, will it be possible to enter LLB(HKU) through EAS?

(is it a must-in or still the interview has its influence? Also could I place the course in band B?)


What are the differences in the prospects of LLB and BBA(law)? Is it worth one more year to get that BBA degree?


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    Since you've got 7A, u should try Harvard, Yale, Standford, UC Berkely, MIT, Columbia, Chicago ......

    I think you opt for barrister. You may not have interest to be a low incorme solicitor. Oral English is very important as a barrister. Unless English is your mother tongue, you should study undergraduate (not necessary major law in undergraduate) in English speaking country.

    If I were u, I would study economics, political science, philosophy, English literature, or even engineering, physics at undergraduate, then a JD at a Ivy league universities at US or the BCL (Bachelor of Common Law) at Oxford or Cambridge. Law is not academic simulating. It is only a polytechnic like vocational training. Since you are a top top student. I'm afraid the school law or B-school training will undermine your talent. You should aim for high tech research or top ranking position in govty, not lawyering