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可否告知 No worry 及 Don' t worry 的用法??

可否告知 No worry 及 Don ' t worry 的用法??

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    其實 No worry 是 HAWAII 的 PIDGIN ENGLISH。你 GOOGLE "NO WORRY" "PIDGIN ENGLISH", 便可找到很多網頁。但 NO WORRY 在口語太普遍,特別是某些英語區,可能用的人都未別知,就像 LONG TIME NO SEE, 外國人成日講,都未必知是 PIDGIN ENGLISH。

    PIDGIN 即是以前英文不好的人與外國人溝通的 BROKEN ENGLISH, GRAMMAR 和 用字是從自己的母語演變。在現在有些地區仍用 PIDGIN ENGLISH。

    Pidg·in English also pidg·in English (p


    n)n. Any of several pidgins based on English and now spoken mostly on the Pacific islands and in West Africa.

    Pidgin English Meaning Example Example Meaning

    no worry don't worry No worry brah, I get fom. Don't worry, I got it.

    If you don't have time to prepare the things required for the renewal, no worry! Just bring along your old passport, ... Don't worry if you can't. However, some people, especially musically trained, are able to detect a difference in ... - 68k - 2006年10月23日

    I don't worry about him now. Really. Maybe he has cancer. Maybe he will die. Maybe he will sue me. No worry. Your choices, M. Your life. Months later, I saw M in the grocery store. He gave me a warm handshake that I gladly returned. ...

    Sep 12 2002, Elfwood artist: Kerstin Holzknecht a.k.a. 'Khyrsanth', HEHEHE famous last words of dog-owners: "No worry, he won't bite you!" . ... Aug 3 2003, Elfwood artist: Nataliy Nirrael Klymenko, Don't worry.. He won't bite you. ... - 23k -

    上面例子可見 NO WORRY 好普遍,和 DON’T WORRY 共通,無乜規則,同一段內可出現。其實 DON’T WORRY 是對人稱呼,是命令式,第二身,當然也是口語,但書寫也可。但 NO WORRY 好明顯比 DON’T WORRY 更口語,且地區性,有些地方會較常用,有些少用。

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    you're welcome.

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    very good!

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    Don’t worry 是叫你不要擔心或者唔使驚.

    No worry 是口語. (1) 書寫文唔會咁寫, 除非 worry 係作名詞, 例如 she doesn’t have a worry in the world (2) 在口語用時多作 plural form 即 worries. ”No worries" 的說法以澳洲人最習慣這麼講, 例如 No worries mate!

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    No worry 是夏威夷的口語嗎? 這個我真的不清楚了...No worries (複數) 則肯定是澳洲相當普遍的口頭禪.或者有朝一日香港都有自己的 but you worry la!