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    1. Keyan (kee-YAN) ﹣唔清楚解mud, 但係知道有個jazz saxophonist叫keyan williams

    2. Kian (kee-ANN) - Irish form of Cian, name of a 5th-century Irish saint

    3. Keenan (kee-NAN) - Another Irish form of Cian

    4. Kenyon (ken-仁 ) - 唔清楚解mud, 但係知道usa state of Minnesota 有個city叫 kenyon


    1. Stewart (STOO-art or STYOO-art) - From an occupational surname originally belong to a person who was a steward. It derives from Old English stig “house” and weard “guard”.

    2. Seward (SOO-ard) - From a surname which was itself derived from an Old English personal name meaning “victory guard” from sige “victory” and weard “guard”.

    3. Saul (Saw + L音) - From the Hebrew name which meant “asked for” or “prayed for”. This was the name of the first king of Israel who ruled just before King David, as told in the Old Testament. Also, Saul was the original name of Saint Paul before his conversion to Christianity.

    4. Sherwood (SHUR-wood) - From an English place name meaning “bright forest”. This was the name of the forest in which the legendary outlaw Robin Hood made his home.

    希望你早日搵到個適合gei英文名!! X ]