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有關Dove:Campaign for real beauty

想知道Dove 舉辦Campaign for real beauty:




還有,那裡可找到香港播緊的那個Campaign for real beauty 廣告?謝~~

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    hi, am not sure started from which region, but probably started to roll out in Oct 2005 last year in HK, which is a global initiative of Dove mega brand, here's the communication mail for ur reference-->

    "Dove’s mission in creating the Campaign For Real Beauty is to make women feel more beautiful every day by widening today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspiring women to take great care of themselves.

    Campaign for Real Beauty reaffirms what Dove has always stood for: simplicity and honesty – we avoid using models in our advertisements. Instead we have featured real women who lead real lives with real challenges. We want people (men and women) to realize that real beauty is more diverse than the prevailing narrow, stereotypical definition and that it comes in different shapes, sizes, ages and colors.

    Unfortunately there are many unwritten rules that make the today’s definition of beauty so narrow. For example, mass media and popular culture portray female beauty as being model thin, youthful with large eyes and long hair. Throughout our communication we want to set straight these unwritten rules and provoke a debate that initiates change in the way society sees beauty."

    i love this campaign a lot, hope u find the above info interesting....

    for the ad, u can try to search from youtube, not only HK version, but also other regions' version also available =) enjoy

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    只係知首歌係叫true colors ja