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請問Perfect Pitch可以靠苦練得來的嗎!??

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  • 1 十年前

    要提升聽力, 都是那句, 多練習 (但不保證可練成....)

    一般黎講, 大多數人都係靠相對音感去聽出個音係咩音(指音高), 即係要有參考音先可以判斷其他音既音高, 而Perfect pitch, 係指個人可以聽出隨意一個音既係咩音!

    致於可唔可以練, 有唔同睇法, 我記得有驗究話只可以係5-6歲前先可能練到, 之後就幾乎冇可能(都有极少數例外)! 而一般既音樂教師都認為依樣野係天生, 好難靠練可以練到~

    不過早兩年有朋友比過只教人聽絶對音感既CD我聽, 係個外國人(唔記得咩名)話有方法可以幾乎任何人都練到~ 我果時係網上都見過果個外國人既資料同有佢既CD賣, 不過我搵唔返~ 佢既講法絶對音感唔係天生, 而係d人聽既方法唔同, 佢話絶對音感既人係靠聽個音既後面個部分判斷個音高, 詳細情形, 有排講, 佢有成本書跟埋套CD, 簡單黎講佢話分辨音高唔係只聽個音既音高就得, 係要感覺個音既震動同埋音色~ 我冇絶對音感~ 不過照佢講咁聽過下, 覺得唔同音高真係好似有唔同既震動同音色, 不過我冇練, 所以跟本記唔住個音既震動同音色~照佢講要練一段時間先可以~

    其實對音樂人黎講, 相對音感先係最重要, 絶對音感係冇必要!

    Perfect Pitch 大多是天生的, 但也有苦練得來的, 你看看以下 wikipedia 的 passage

    Nature or nurture?

    Many people have believed that musical ability itself is an inborn talent[18]. Some scientists currently believe absolute pitch may have an underlying genetic basis and are trying to locate genetic correlates[19]; most believe that the acquisition of absolute pitch requires early training during a critical period of development, regardless of whether or not a genetic predisposition toward development exists or not[20]. The "unlearning theory," first proposed by Abraham[21], has recently been revived by developmental psychologists who argue that every person possesses absolute pitch (as a mode of perceptual processing) when they are infants, but that a shift in cognitive processing styles (from local, absolute processing to global, relational processing) causes most people to unlearn it; or, at least, causes children with musical training to discard absolute pitch as they learn to identify musical intervals [22]. Additionally, any nascent absolute pitch may be lost simply by the lack of reinforcement or lack of clear advantages in most activities the developing child is involved with. An unequivocal resolution to the ongoing debate would require controlled experiments, which are both impractical and unethical.

    Researchers have been trying to teach absolute pitch ability for more than a century[23], and various commercial absolute-pitch training courses have been offered to the public since the early 1900s.[24] It has been shown possible to learn the naming of tones later in life, although some consider this skill not to be true absolute pitch.[25] No training method for adults has yet been shown to produce abilities comparable to naturally-occurring absolute pitch.[26]

    For children aged 2-4, however, recent observations have shown a certain method of music education[27] to apparently be successful in training absolute pitch[28], but the same method has also been shown to fail with students 5 years and older, suggesting that a developmental change in perception occurs which favors relative learning over absolute and thus supporting the theory of the "critical period" for learning absolute pitch[29].

  • 1 十年前

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