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Catherine 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前



charlie在回家途中, 遇見他的同學tim. 他說了給tim聽他弄壞左科學館的恐龍模型, tim說:[你不能這樣,你快點回去跟保安說是你弄壞恐龍模型的.] charlie就說:[既然走了,還要回去?想給人罵嗎?] tim說:[假如你不回去,保安就要給上司罵他弄壞恐龍模型,為何要別人為了你而被其他人責罵呢?]charlie覺得自己錯,就回去返科學館跟保安講整件事.保安不單沒有罵他,還讚他成實.最後,charlie決定做一個成實的小孩

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  • 1 十年前

    Has wanted 去色:

    Charlie is going home on the way, met him schoolmate tim. he to say

    listened to him to tim to spoil the left branch learning center the

    dinosaur model, tim said: [ You cannot like this, you a bit faster go

    back with security said is you spoils dinosaur model. ] Charlie said

    that, [ Since walked, but also must go back? Wants to scold to the

    person? ] Tim said that, [ If you do not go back, security needs to

    scold him to boss to spoil dinosaur model, why wants others to scold

    for you by other people? ] Harlie thought oneself is wrong, goes back

    returns the branch learning center to discuss 整件 the matter with

    the security The security not merely has not scolded him, but also

    approves him to be mature Finally, charlie definitely makes to order

    a mature child

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  • 1 十年前

    While Charlie was returning home, he met his classmate, Tim. He told Tim that he has damaged the dinosaur model in the Science Museum and Tim said,"You must go back and inform the security that you have damaged the dinosaur model." "But I've already left, why go back?I don't want to be told off." replied Charlie. "If you don't go back, the security would be told off by their bosses for damaging the dinosaur model. Are you willing to let other people be blamed for what you have done?" said Tim. Charlie felt guilty and decided to go back and tell the security what happened. Instead of telling him off, the security told Charlie that he was an honest boy. From then on, Charlie decided that he will be an honest child.

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  • 1 十年前

    charlie was going home、meets him schoolmate tim he to say on the way listened to him to tim to spoil the left science building the dinosaur model、tim said you could not you a bit faster go back like this to the security said was you spoils the dinosaur model charlie to say since walked has also had to go back wants to scold tim to the human to say if why you didn't go back the security to have to scold him to the boss to spoil the dinosaur model to want others to scold for you by other people charlie to think not merely oneself wrong went back returns the science building to speak the entire item matter security with the security not to scold him also to approve his mature finally charlie decision to be a mature child

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