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  • 關於一些英文詞語的運用

    您好呀, 我想知下面嘅英文詞語嘅用法有冇用錯同啲句子有冇咩問題.


    Unaccustome - I am not unaccustomed the new life.

    Pain, pressure, grow up - The pain and the pressures make me grow up.

    Necessary - Money is necessary for everyone.

    Determine - My mom determined to sent me to us.

    Disqualify - I have no idea why the invigilator will disqualify me.

    Accept - Why don't you accept my suggest?

    Solve - I cannot to solve the problem by myself.

    Convince, cooperate - The police convince the thief to cooperate.

    Fear, spoil - My brother spoil mother's bag so he very fear.

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