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  • Why prisonfare is not linked to criminal insecurity but to social insecurity?

    I also don't understand why precarious wage-labor conditions and the rise of racial/ethnic minorities are the causes of social insecurity. Why prisonfare exists and is linked to social insecurity?

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  • [iphone5] can't send pictures via text massage?

    i dunno why i can't send pictures via text message... i know there's a camera icon next to the text entry box but it is dull and will not open. what do i do? o_o

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  • what is "wireless transmission media"?

    i searched online but i couldn't find information about "wireless transmission media", only "transmission media". are they the same? except one is wireless one is not? what are some examples of wireless transmission media??

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  • examples of utility programs?

    what are some example of utility programs?

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  • various types of utility programs?

    What are some different types of utility programs? please describe a little:)

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  • pre-order a cake at paris baguette arcadia?

    does anyone know if i could order a birthday cake from paris baguette (the one in santa anita mall) thru the phone? if yes, how many days in advance? thank you!:)

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  • what is "flash memory storage" ?

    what is "flash memory storage"?? please also tell me their usage and technology involved. thanks!

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  • Honda Center GA Area?

    Hii guys I have a question. I bought a 3 vip tickets to BIGBANG's concert in LA on Nov 2. I thought the GA area is a standing area, but I just realized it says on the tickets "GA Row 3. 98-100" I am confused... Does it mean it doesn't matter what time we go line up, we still get to stand in that specific spot?

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  • Translate english into korean?

    this is part of a letter i write to my favorite band in korea. please help me to translate it thank you:)

    I still can't believe that I am actually going to see you, like in REAL LIFE! Finally... after watching you on my computer screen for seven years (sound like a creeper HAHA).

    Anyways. please keep making fantastic music for your fans. Stay true and happy! Oh and please please please take care and be healthy! Soooooooo, hope you enjoy your LA trip. Fighting!

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  • Translate english into korean?

    this is a letter i write to my favorite band in korea. please help me to translate it thank you:)

    TO: _____ oppa, _____ oppa, _____ oppa, ______ oppa, and _____ oppa

    Hiii my name is Amber, I am 19 years old, turning 20 on Dec 24. Yay

    I am originally from Hong Kong but I moved to Los Angeles few years ago.

    I've loved you ever since your debut. I really love your music, they are so different from others; so unique and inspiring.

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  • BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR VIP ticket entering time?

    I got the vip ticket but I dunno what time we enter...

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  • what are some common input devices?

    can you tell me what are some common input devices and their function? thanks;)

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  • Translating Japanese......?

    -For this track, please write out what she says and answer to it (both in hiragana)

    -For this track, please translate what she says into Japanese and answer to it (both in hiragana)


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  • Various components of system units?

    Can you introduce briefly about the various components of system units. Please include minimum of following components: CPU, Memory, Motherboard.

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  • Nov3 BIGBANG Alive Tour in LA?

    I just got the vip package and im not sure where my seat at...

    it says

    "Section: VIP GA

    Description: Price Level 1







    can someone please tell me?:|

    2 個解答R&B & Soul8 年前

    anyone knows what seating the vip package ($300) includes? theres all the info about the benefits of vip package except for the seating. im so lost right now

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  • 10:00 am (ET/PT) Saturday, October 6th, 2012.?

    10:00 am (ET/PT) Saturday, October 6th, 2012.

    I live in LA, can someone tell me what time is 10am ET/PT in LA?

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  • he never texts me but still asks me to hang out... wtf?

    we having the same class together (college) and we exchanged numbers few days later (he didnt actually ask me for my number tho, he just said that if im interested in adding the class hes taking, then he can txt me the info or something.) but he never texts me first, even if i text him first he wont reply like most of the time. so i stopped texting him because i thought maybe he just didnt like me at all. but he talks to me alot in class and he asks me out a couple times as well. hes really nice and funny every time we meet but then the other days he just wont text or call me just like hes disappeared or something. my friends said this guy might either be shy or playing hard to get. there was one time when we were just chilling at a cafe and i told him that i like dancing and few seconds later i received a text from him saying: "just found out she dances" apparently he texted the wrong person and its awkward. im not sure what it means tho, talking about me with his friends...? i dont get this guy and im so confused right now... does he like me? or he just thinks im cute but doesnt care for a relationship? (he said im cute before)

    PS: I'm SO sure that he texts, he has his phone in his hands all the time (even in class) and he has unlimited text as well.

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  • Graphing Deer Population?


    Your graph should include the following: 1. title, 2. labeled axis, 3. line graph for deer population over the generations, line graph for wolf population (starting at the deer generation when the wolves were introduced), 4. a legend that tells me which line is deer and which is wolves.

    In addition to graphing the numbers, you need to:

    a. Highlight a region of the deer graph that shows exponential growth.

    b. Add a line to the graph indicating what the possible carrying capacity for the deer habitat.

    c. Place markers on the graph identifying when we made the two changes to the habitat. Explain how these habitat changes were either density-dependent factors or density-independent factors.

    d. Explain what effect introduction of wolves into our simulation had on the deer population in terms of population cycles and predation.


    You dun have to graph the whole thing, I just want to know which is which (where should I label this and that.......) I have no idea;_; Please HELP!! Thank you.......

    2 個解答Biology9 年前
  • How to fit the whole picture on instagram?

    I use an Android and I want to fit my whole picture on instagram...... But how?:(((((((((( Please tell me D:D:D;

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