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  • F.5 MATHS(coordinate treatment of simple locus problems)

    1. L1 is a straight line passing through (0,0),and its slope is=-1

    The equation of another straight line L2 is2x-y+3=0.

    A is the intersection of L1 and L2.Please find the coordinates of A.

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  • f4 maths5

    1.Let f(x)=x^2-4x-5 and g(x)=f(x-2),find the x-intercepts of the graph of y=g(x)

    2.P(2,8) lies on the graph of y=2x+b,If f(x)=(2x+b^2),slove f(x)=12(Leave the ans in surd form.)

    3a.Slove the following simultaneous equations: x-4y=-3 & x^2-2xy=5

    3b.Let m and n be positive integers.slove the following simultaneous equations: logm/n^4=-3 & (log m)^2-2 log m log n=5(leave the ans in index form)

    4.Let f(x)=2x^3-x^2-5x-2 and g(x)=x^3-4x+x+6.x+1 is a common factor of f(x) and g(x).It is given that h(x)=3x^3-5x^2-4x+4=f(x)+g(x).Please slove the equation 3x^3-5x^2-4x+4=0.

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  • f4 maths4

    1.Let f(x)=x^3+2x^2+k,where k is a contant.If f(-1)=0,find the remainder when f(x) is divided by x-1.

    2.If the equation x^2-4x+k=1 has no real roots,then the range of values of k is?

    3.If 10^a+b=c,thenb=?

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  • f4 maths3

    1.Let f(x)=x^3+2x^2+ax+b.If f(x) is divisible by x+1 and x-2,f(x) can be factorized as?

    2.Let f(x)=x^2-x-3.If f(k)=k,then k=?

    3.2^x times 8^y=?

    4.The remainder when x^2+ax+b is divided byx+2 is-4.the remainder when ax^2+bx+1 is divided by x-2 is 9.The value of a is?

    5.If log x^2=Log3x+1,then x=?

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  • f4 maths2

    1.If f(x)=x^2-1,then f(a-1)=

    2.John goes to school and returns home at speeds x km/h and (x+1)km/h respectively.The school is 2Km from John's home and the total time for the two journeys is 54 minutes.Which of the following equations can be used to find x?

    3.If 1/2logy=1+logx,theny=?

    4.Let f(x)=x^3-2x^2-5x+6.It's known that f(1)=0.f(x) can be factorized as?

    5.If log(x-1)=3,thenx=?

    6.Let f(x)=(2x-1)(x+1)+2x+1.Find the remainder when f(x) is divided by 2x+1.

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  • F4 maths

    1.The equation8x^2-(k+2)x+2=0 has a double root.

    a)Find the possible values of k.

    b)If k takes the possitive value obtained in a),slove the given equation.

    2.Let f(x)=2x^3-x^2-5x-2 and g(x)=x^3-4x^2+x+6.

    a)Show that x+1 is a common factor of f(x) and g(x)

    b)Factorize f(x) and g(x) completly.

    c)(i)It is given that h(x)=3x^3-5x^2-4x+4.Express h(x) in terms of f(x) and g(x).(ii)Solve the equation 3x^3-5x^2-4x+4=0

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  • F.4 MATHS

    1.informations: A=7x-x^2 ,x+y=7 ,xy=A

    a.Find the possible values of x in surd form when A=9

    b.Find the max. possible A and the corresponding value of x

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  • simultaneous equations(EASY)

    1.Slove the simultaneous equations{xy=10 {3x-2y+4=0

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  • F.4 LOG(easy)&SIN COS TAN

    1.log25/log 3^√5

    2.[sin^2(90°-θ)/sin(180°+ θ) ] + [cos(360°-θ)/tan(180°+θ)]

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  • Form 4 QUESTIONS@2

    1.find the real roots of the equation 5/(x+1) -4/(x-2)=6

    2.If cosA=-12/13 and sinB=15/17 where AB is bigger than 90° and smaller than 180°,witnout using calculators,find the values of the following:

    a) sinA b)cosAcosB+sinAsinB

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    If V varies directly as (m+t),and m varies directly as (t+V),show that

    a)V aries directly as t

    b)m varies directly as t

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  • trigonometry Q4

    The equations for x within 0° to 360°

    (give the ans the nearest 0.1 if necessary.)

    1. 2sinx=tanx

    2. 2cosx=3tanx

    3.Show that tan^2 x-1-3cos^2 x=(1-2cos^2 x-3cos^4 x) /cos^2 x

    4.Slove 3cos^2 x=tan^2 x-1 ,x within 0° to 360°

    (give the ans 1 decimal place.)

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  • TrigonometryQ2

    Slove the equations for 0°≦x≦360°andgive your ans 0.1°if necessary.)

    1.2cosx-3sinx=3 (cosx+sinx)

    2.2cos^2 x=sinxcosx

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  • trigonometry Q4

    1.tan135°-sin210° /tan240°+sin270°

    2.[sinθ+cos(360°-θ)]^2 +[cosθ+sin(180°+θ)]^2

    3.sin(360°-θ) /tan(θ-180°) + 1/cos(360°-θ) -cos(θ-360°)

    4.sin(180°-θ)/ cos(180°+θ)cos(180°-θ)+sin(-θ)sin(180°+θ)˙1/tan(360°-θ)

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  • S4 exponential and log functions Q2

    Q2 Given that log3=m and log4=n,express the following in terms of m and n.



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  • f.4 maths *e


    It is given that 2x^3+9x^2-8x-k is divisible by x+5

    a)Find the value of k.

    b)Hence,factorize 2x^3+9x^2-8x-k completely.

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  • F.4 maths *c

    10. Given f(x)=(k+1)‧x^2 +2kx+(k-2) and f(x)=0 has real roots.

    a)Find the range of possible values of k.

    b (i) For the minimum value of k,solve f(x)=0

    (ii) Find a Quad. equation in x whose roots are the reciprocals of the roots of f(x)=0

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  • F.4 maths *b

    11.Given f(x)=(x+2)^2 and g(x)= 1」1-x

    a)Find f[g(x)] and g[f(x)]

    b)Show that f[g(2)] ≠g[f(2)]

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  • functions question (f.4 maths)@1

    1.A quadratic function f(x) is transformed to another quadratic function g(x)=x^2-4x+5 by translation.Given that the vertex of the graph of y =f(x) is (-2,1),find the symbolic repressentation of f(x)

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  • functions question (f.4 maths)

    1. It's given that g(x)=f(x-1)&h(x)=g(x+3).

    a.Describe the effect of the transformation on the graph of y=f(x) when f(x) is transformes to g(x).

    b.Describe the effect of the transformation on the graph of y=g(x) when g(x) is transformes to h(x).

    c.Hence ,solve h(x)=0

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