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  • 種植長春滕





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  • MC maths 92 36,34

    Year1992 (36),(34)

    Can someone Solve the Q youself.

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  • Probability

    (a) Find the probability that a player can get the bookmarks.

    (b) If the game stall owner expects the probability of any player winning the bookmarks to be 1/3, what is the distance (in cm) between any two parallel lines should be

    changed to?

    (c) In order to make the game more attractive, a player is allowed to throw another CD of diameter 6 cm but the distance between any two parallel lines is kept at 16m. If the CD of diameter 6 cm lies between two parallel lines, the player hets 3 bookmarks, otherwise he/she gets nothing. Nelson wants to get as many bookmarks as possible, which CD ( the one of the diameter 6 cm or that of diameter 12 cm ) should he choose to throw?

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  • maths ce mc 92 34

    maths ce mc 92 34,

    can someone tell me how to solve out the Q or work out the mean from c.f. curves?

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  • Why people in helicopter usually wear...

    I am ambiguous that why people in the helicopter usually wear a kind of Ear Protector or headphone during the flying. However, what are the actual functions of it?

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  • 好不浪漫,不盡相同?


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  • indefinite intergral

    In sin^4(x/2)cos^2(x/2) dx

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  • indefinite Integral

    Q1) In x^2 ( x^3 + 2 )^1/2 dx

    Q2) In 2x + 5 / (x^2 +5x +2)^3 dx

    Hope that you can understand the Qs which was typed by me

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  • 3993洛陽鉬業

    點睇?e家相信個個都潛緊水...短期max 位會上返幾多?

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  • 不多的事情上?


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  • iPhone 香港幾時有行貨呢?

    iPhone 香港幾時有行貨呢?

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  • 點解汽車會向後走?


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    5(a)Show that the points (-1,0) and (1,0) are on the same side of the line y=x-3

    (b)Find the equations of the two circles each passing through the points (-1,0) , (1,0) and

    touching the line y=x+3

    (c)Find the equation of the circle which passes through A(0,4) and B(8,0) and has its centre on the x-axis.If the point C lies on the circumference of the circle, find the greastest possible area of triangle ABC.

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  • ADDM Circles

    Q1:Find the equation of the common tangent to the circles x^2+y^2-6x-16=0 and x^2+y^2+6x-40=0

    Q2:The circles C1:x^2+y^2-4x+2y+1=0 , C2:x^2+y^2-10x-4y+19=0

    having a common chord AB.

    P(x,y) is a variable pt such that

    distance form P to centre of C1/distance from P to centre of C2=1/k (k>0)

    Find the value of k if P lies on a st.line.

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  • maths probability

    Q1Two fair dice are tossed. It is known that the sum of the two numbers obtained is an even number. Fing the probability that at least a '4' is obtained.

    Q2Six balls A, B, C, D, E and F are put into six boxes numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If only one ball can be put into each box, what is the probability that ball A is not in box 1 and ball B is not in box 6?

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  • Application of Differentiation (20pts)

    A right circular cone is inscribed in a sphere of radius Rcm.Suppose r1cm,h1cm and V1cm^3 are radius ,height and volume of the circular cone respectively.

    (a)Express r1 in terms of R and h1.Hence, show that V=1/3兀h1^2(2R-h1),where 0<2R

    (b)Find h1, so that the cone has the maximum volume.

    (c)Suppose the sphere is inscribed in another right circular cone with radius r2cm,height h2cm and volume V2cm^3.

    (1) show that V2=1/3兀R^2(h2^2/(h2-2R)), where 2R<+infinite

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  • Prove CE's circle

    Consider 2 circles C1 and C2 respectively.

    How to prove that the equation of their common chord is C1-C2.

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  • MATHS circle

    Find the equations of the two circles which touch the two axes and pass through the point (2,1)

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  • About hydrotropism

    Wt is the distribution of auxins in roots under the effect of water?

    Hence, wt is the mechanism of hydrotropism?

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  • A-maths circle

    consider 4 straight lines

    L1:x+y-4=0 , L2:x-y-2=0 , L3:x+y-6=0 ,L4:x-y=0

    let d1,d2,d3,d4 be the perpendicular distances from a moving pt P to lines

    L1-L4 respectively.then the locus of P is x^2+y^2-6x-4y+14 =k (where k is real)

    Find the value of k such that the circle touches the four given lines

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