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  • multimeter to measure current

    The picture below shows a multimeter similar to those used in many school


    Which one of the following would be the best setting if you were asked to use

    the instrument to measure the current in the 100 Ω resistor in the circuit above?

    A 2000 μ

    B 20 m

    C 200 m

    D 10 A

    Why the answer is C?

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  • p.d. across diode

    An experiment involves measuring the potential difference across a diode when it

    just begins to conduct.

    Which of the following circuits would allow this measurement to be made?^o95....

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  • doppler effect

    When a fire engine moves away from an observer, the pitch of the siren heard by the

    observer decreases. This is because

    A the wavelength of the sound wave decreases

    B the speed of the fire engine increases

    C the frequency of the siren decreases

    D the distance travelled by each wavefront increases

    why the answer is D but not C?

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  • parabola

    given the line: y=mx+b

    and the parabola: y^2=4ax

    a) if the line is tangent to the parabola, find the value of b in terms of a and m

    b) show that the equation of another tangent which is perpendicular to the tangent in (a) is y=-x/m-am

    c) find the equation of the locus of the point of intersection of perpendicular tangents to the parabola

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  • 多重詞組(多重短語)


    1) 在家裡跟爸媽討論升學的事情。

    2) 他把我家的蟑螂打死了。

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  • projectile motion

    An aeroplane carrying out a parcel drop releases a parcel while traveling at a stead speed of 90m/s at an altitude of 200m. Calculate:

    a) the time between the parcel leaving the aeroplane and it striking the ground

    b) the horizontal distance travelled by the parcel in this time

    c) the speed at which the parcel strikes the ground

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  • 8-2tanx=5sin2x

    solve 8-2tanx=5sin2x for 0<=x<=360

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  • snoopy圖片!


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  • 新年歌詞,琴譜,長笛譜,牧童笛譜



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  • 求軍曹圖片!



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  • 最新一集的軍曹主題曲歌詞!十兆個唔該!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • 長笛的聖誕歌

    Jingle bell,Silent night,We wish you a merry christmas,聖誕老人進城.

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