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  • Active/passive voice?

    If these sentences make sense to you, what is your interpretation of each?

    1: Granting he is old, he is strong.

    2: Conceded that he was ill, she still cared about the plan.

    For #1, one can argue that it's referring to the physical condition of a man after (he himself) admitting to being old, even implying that his admission is what made him strong.

    I tend to believe what it's really trying to say is "Granted that he is old, he is strong."

    For #2, someone suggested this interpretation:

    She had conceded that he was ill, but still cared about the plan.

    But I thought that would make the 1st clause active and needs to be changed to "Conceding" or Having conceded"

    Does anyone agree with my/her interpretation or neither? Any other interpretations will be much appreciated,


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  • Granted/Granting that?


    Q:有2個句子要請教一下文法Granting he is old,he is strong. 雖然他老了,但還很健狀granting是什麼意思,我查了字典,但對不起來 Conceded that he was ill,she still cared about the plan.雖然他病了,但他仍然關心這個計劃conceded是什麼意思 最佳解答先是說:It shall be "granting that" (即使),but "that" was omitted. "granting that" is a phrase. 後來又補充:By the way, sometimes, you use "granted that", forexample: Granted that (=In spite of the fact that) it is a simple testto perform, she still fails miserably. The difference is whether the statement is a passive voice oran active voice. 我的疑問是這類句子能用 active voice 嗎?這樣 “strong"指的不就變成說“即便他老了.."這個人嗎?除非兩個“他”是同一個人,那麼句子的意思就是“他承認自己老了,但他還是很健康” 不過我個人認為這種說法很牽強。 我上google 查詢 “grantingthat” 出現的第一個網頁,(想必DaSaGwa( 大師1 級) 補充的內容也來自於此(因為例句驚人地相似)。在該頁並沒有看到 granting 的用法,甚至有不會用 granting只用 granted 的說法。 但很奇怪DaSaGwa ( 大師 1 級 )又補充: However, most of the time, people doesn't really care whichone to use between "granting that" and "granted that".After all, whether it is an active or passive voice, it really depends upon thespeaker's point of view. 我很不願意想像在知識有人給了錯誤的解答,並且google 後發現自己的解答錯誤,但為了點數或面子竟然繼續誤導發問者。 若非如此那又做何解釋? 第二題也牽涉到 active/passive:Conceded 分明是被動,即 wasconceded (to) 的意思撇開文法問題:(應該寫 she hadconceded)不談如果句子的意思真是She conceded that he was ill, but still caredabout the plan. 那前面應該是 Conceding 或 Having conceded.這是依我個人極有限的英文知識所做的理解,如才疏學淺說的不對請各位不吝賜教。

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  • Urgent! Engliah-Chinese needed

    When presented in a matter-of-fact manner, any logic, nomatter how far-fetched, can sound somewhat rational. For months now some of you have been watching,in amusement, while enquirers continueto be deceived by someone whose imaginary,groundless logic that is speculative at best ultimately serves no one but himself (or herself). It is unfair to boost up your status and ego at the expense of those who come to this forum seeking answers to their problems. Information obtained here can very well be considered newly acquired knowledge, which as we all know, may have lingering effects on enquirers. If you are still reading, then chances are that you are immune to this person’s fancied reasoning. Rather than watching along as if it were a sideshow, you can help translating this message into Chinese for the purpose of reaching more members. I wouldn’t dream of insulting you with points; it’s just that they are of no use to me. Thanks a million.

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