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  • 文法正確否? "... led to licence plate quotas being imposed"?

    Frequent traffic jams in many cities (in China) have led to licence plate quotas being imposed.

    (cited from BBC News)

    Can the sentence be rewritten as follows:

    1. Frequent traffic jams in many cities have led to China s imposing the licence plate quotas.

    2. Frequent traffic jams in many cities have led to the implementation of the licence plate quotas.

    3. China has imposed restrictions of license plate quotas because of frequent traffic jams in many cities.

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  • 雜誌excerpt: 這英文句子有無錯

    請問以下這句子有無錯, 有什麼錯?

    Despite being upsetting by the termination of the immigrant investor program, Chinese people start realize that migration could also help them reaching these goals.


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  • [騎牛搵馬]: English word

    英文什麼字有 [騎牛搵馬] 的含意?

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  • Propositions exercise S.2

    (1) That old man is hard ________ hearing.

    (2) The woman is blind _______ her son's shortcomings.

    (3) She is crazy _________ break dancing.

    (4) Don't jump ________ conclusions, you ought to think it over again.

    (5) What is your view _______ capital punishment?

    (6) The car swerved sharply and pulled ________ just in front of the hotel.

    (7) Don't ply him ______ drink, as he has to drive us home!

    (8) We went to the airport to see ______ our friends.

    (9) We were so tired and sleepy last night that we turned _______ a bit earlier than usual.

    (10) It is still a mystery why she broke _______ her engagement to John.

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  • 怎樣讀回"已加密"的資料?

    我拆除舊電腦(因壞了主機板)的硬盤,放入一個外置硬盤匣(3.5" HDD external case - usb2.0),嘗試讀回(recover)硬盤內的個人資料。

    但有一些文件夾 (folder) 在舊機時 (Windows-XP sp3) 已設定了"加密" ,所以現在沒法讀回這些文件夾內的檔案。

    請問有什麼辦法可以讀回"已加密"的資料? 謝謝! Many thanks!!

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