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  • 副詞子句的減化 ~ 連接詞要省略嗎?

    (1) 時間副詞子句

    After Sarah left the basketball court, she switched on her mobile phone to check her WhatsApp.

    減化: After leaving the basketball court, Sarah switched on her mobile phone to check her WhatsApp.

    (連接詞: after要省略 or 保留)

    (2) 因果副詞子句

    Raymond is going to the toilet because he is feeling ill.

    減化: Because feeling ill, Raymond is going to the toilet.

    (連接詞: because 要省略 or 保留)


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  • word forms 高手請進

    Change each given word into the correct form that can best complete the news report below.

    New migrants (migrate) can benefit from $6000-dollar government cash handout will be able to claim the same amount from the Community Care Fund. To be eligible for the (1) (pay), (2) (apply) have to be 18 years old by the end of March next year. They are required to pass a means test to (3) (proof) their eligibility. The (4) (month) income for examle, must not (5) (excessive) 7300 dollars. This is not targeted at just those coming from the mainland. It's anybody coming here to Hong Kong with the purpose to (6) (resident) in Hong Kong and they have less than seven years of residence. Miss Sung, who came to Hong Kong from the mainland six years ago, welcomed the (7) (arrange). But she objected to the idea of a means test, saying all newcomers should be allowed to enjoy the benefit. The purpose of the Community Care Fund is (8) (real) to help htose who are in need.

    Application forms will be available at the offices of the Social Welfare Department, the Labour Department and Public Enquiry Services Centres of the District Offices. The completed forms must be sent in by post. New (9) (arrive) from low-income families are required to (10) (submission) their applications from 3rd October to 30th June of next year.

    請問有什麼方法可以做好 word form 此類題目?

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  • 明天中學 interview ( 急)

    Why you choice this school?

    因貴校推行「必修但不考試科」例如: 音樂科, 可以減少考試壓力, 更易適應中學生活

    請轉為英文, 謝謝!

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  • 高手請進 relative clause

    1) I wanted to use the printer. It was broken. (which)

    answer: The printer which I wanted to use was broken.

    Why answer 不是 : I wanted to use the printer which was broken.

    2) The car was made in Japan. It is parked in front of the house. (which)

    answer: The car which was made in Japan is parked in front of the house.

    Why answer 不是 : The car was made in Japan which is parked in front of the house.

    請詳細解釋, 謝謝!

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  • Infinitives and gerunds

    Mr. Lee: Mrs. Chan, I invite you (1) (come) here today, as I would like (2) (discuss) Carl’s performance at school recently. Carl kept (3) (misbehave) last week. Would you mind (4) (tell) me Carl’s behaviour at home?

    Carl’s mother: Maybe it’s because his beloved grandmother passed away two weeks ago. Now, he does not (5) (talk) much and stays at his own room all the time instead of (6) (go) out. I do not (7) (know) what to do now.

    Mr. Lee: I see. There’s no wonder why Carl looks so unhappy. I suggest (8) (give) Carl support by (9) (chat) with him more often and let him (10) (know) that many people care about him. I’m sure he will (11) (get) back on track with our love and support.

    Carl’s mother: But Carl insists on (12) (keep) away from me at home. He even does not allow me (13) (get) in his bedroom.

    Mr. Lee: Well, maybe we’d better (14) (seek) help from the social worker in our school. It see Carl is not interested in (15) (talk) to anybody. We must (16) (help) him before it’s too late.

    Carl’s mother: Thank you, Mr. Lee. I hope Carl can (17) (overcome) his problem soon.

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  • non-defining relative clause

    (1) This is the museum. We visited it last month.

    Answer: defining relative clause

    This is the museum which we visited last month.

    why 不是 non-defining relative clause

    (2) They live in a beautiful old house. The house was build 300 years ago.

    Answer: defining relative clause

    They live in a beautiful old house which was build 300 years ago.

    why 不是 non-defining relative clause

    (3) My brother Andrew lives in Australia. He is a lawyer.

    Answer: My brother Andrew, who lives in Australia, is a lawyer.

      My answer is : My brother Andrew, who is a lawyer, lives in Australia. (OK??)

    (4) I was looking for a book this morning. I've found it now.

    Answer: I've found the book which I was looking for this morning.

    My answer is : I was looking for a book this morning which I've found now. (OK??)

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  • -ed & -ing adjective

    Complete their conversation with the correct forms of the adjectives.

    Paul: I am (1) (interest) in video games. This shooting game is (2) (interest).

    Mother: No, Paul. Reading is better than playing video games.

    Paul: Mum, reading is (3) (bore). I have enough books to read at school.

    How about this 'Shooting the Aliens' game?

    Mother: No, it is too (4) (frighten). Your sister Kate will be (5) (frighten)

    to play this game. You need to play with Kate more. She is (6) (bore)

    at home.

    Paul: Hey, look at this bicycle. Cycling is (7) (excite). Both Kate and I will be

    (8) (excite) about that.

    Mother: Don’t you have enough exercise, Paul? I think you and Kate should

    learn to be (9) (relax) more. Let me get you two some piano music.

    It is very (10) (relax).

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  • gerund / to-infinitive

    They regret ____________ (not invite) Ann to go to the cinema with them as Ann is very angry now.

    answer is = not inviting , why????

    regret + gerund = 後悔做過某事 (事情已發生)

    regret + to-infinitive = 對將要做的事情感到遺憾

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  • 在圖書館中遺失小童處理

    如果在圖書館中遺失小童, 圖書館職員會怎樣處理????

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  • 傳真機不停地吐白紙,

    傳真機不停地吐白紙, 為什麼? 應怎樣處理? (除拿去修理外)

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  • fill in the blank - tenses

    Miss Lee: Martin, you always (1. not pay) attention in class and you don't hand in your homework. Can you tell me why?

    Martin: English (2. be) difficult for me. I feel bad each time I (3. fail) the test but I can do nothing to improve it.

    Miss Lee: You (4. be) a clever student. What is you problem with learning English?

    Martin: When I (5. learn) English in the very beginning, I (6. not understand) it well. I (7. try) to catch up but I couldn't. Now the lessons (8. get) more and more difficult, I find it even harder to improve.

    Miss Lee: Learning something is never easy. If you don't pick up English right now, you (9. find) it even harder in the future. (10. you want) to stay for half an hour every day after school? I (11. help) you with the homework.

    Martin: That's great!

    Miss Lee: But you should ask your parents for advice first.

    Martin: They are worried about my studies. I will ask them later and I am sure that they (12. agree).

    Miss Lee: OK. Besides that, you should also read some English articles every day and try to keep diary. Practice (13. make) perfect.

    Martin: Thank you, Miss Lee I (14. be) more confident now.

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  • tenses

    Dear Smith

    How are you? What about school? Did you know that famous photographer Alan Au (1) (be) in Hong Kong last week for the opening of his photo show? (2) (you/hear) of him? He (3) (be) quite famous in Asia. I (4) (attach) a picture of him with this message - check it out!

    Au (5) (put) together a series of photos titled: Hong Kong: past and present, which is on show now in Central. I (6) (admire) Au's talents. His life story is very interesting as well. He (7) (quite) school when he was twelve. He (8) (move) to Beijing on his 13th birthday and (9) (call) it home ever since. During the early years, he (10) (teach) himself to use the camera to create works of art.

    Throughout the 1990s, Au (11) (travel) all around the world with his camera to take pictures. In 2008, he (12) (win) an important prize for his work. Did you know Au (13) (never/use) a digital camera? He (14) (like) to use cameras with real film.

    You should go see his photo show if you get the chance to do so.

    Bye for now


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  • tenses

    Bad exam result brings precious life experience

    Today is an important day for all Form Six students in Hong Kong, but for Benny Wong, the day of receiving his HKCEE results 20 years ago did not give him any good memories.

    Benny Wong, a famous local designer, (1) (recall) his unhappy experience in the public exam. "I (2) (be) very nervous before the exam and I forgot everything when I (3) (enter) the exam centre. After finishing the paper, I knew that my result would (4) (be) bad," he said. Although Wong knew that he (5) (try) his best, he was worried about his prospects. "Even though my parents (6) (not give) me any pressure, I (7) (be) stressed and sometimes I couldn't sleep. As I (8) (be) the only child in my family, I need to earn a living for them," he said. His class teacher, Mr Chan, gave him great support. "He told me to think carefully about what I was really interested in. Then I suddenly (9) (find) my way," he recalled. Wong's exam result was bad. Though he could not continue his studies in his old school, he was not disappointed because he (10) (find) his new goal - to become a designer. Since his family could not support his studies in design, he (11) (work) in a small fashion company for a year so that he could earn enough for his studies overseas.

    Today, Wong (12) (be) a well-known designer. Remember: no matter whether you (13) (pass) or fail in you exams, just work hard and be positive, then you dream (14) (come) true.

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  • proofreading

    Michael wrote two paragraphs about his friends. There is one mistake in each line. Help Michael correct the mistakes. Underline a word that is incorrect and write the correct word above it.

    1) I am two good friends at school. One is called Alvin and the other is called David.

    2) Alvin is a clever boy. He always does well and get very high marks in tests. He is a

    3) member of the Mathematics Club. David are not very good at schoolwork but he is

    4) very good at sports. He am a member of the school tennis team and football team.

    5) He have to practice after school every day so he is very fit

    6) Both Alvin and David are very helpful and kind to me. Alvin always teach me how to

    7) do my math homework and David always practice football with me. I think I is really

    8) lucky to have these two friends. I am really happy when we meet. I hopes we can be

    9) both friends and classmates next year.

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  • Adjectives

    Fay: Mum, I got my report card today. I did much (1) (good) in the final exam.

    Mother: Good. Let me see. You got (2) (high) marks in English, Chinese, Science and Geography. But what about Maths? You got a (3) (low) mark this time.

    Fay: The questions were (4) (difficult) those in the mid-term exam and I was (5) (careless) this time.

    Mother: You should be (6) (careful) next time.

    Fay: I will. Do you remember Tony? He is (7) (thin) and (8) (noisy) boy in our class. He was (9) (good) in the class last time but this time he did (10) (bad) I did. The teacher said he was (11) (hardworking) this time.

    Mother: Well, I am glad to see that you have done well this time. But remember, you should never be too proud of yourself. You should be even (12) (hardworking) next time.

    Laura is showing her classmate Katie her watch. Read what they say. Fill in each blank with a possessive adjective.

    Katie: Can I have a look at (1) watch? It’s very pretty.

    Laura: Sure.

    Katie: I like (2) design. It’s very special. Where did you get it?

    Laura: (3) sister gave it to me. (4) boyfriend owns a watch shop.

    Katie: Oh, really? Where is (5) shop?

    Laura: In Causeway Bay. It’s very near (6) school.

    Katie: What are (7) plans this Saturday?

    Laura: Why are you asking?

    Katie: Can you take me to the shop this Saturday?

    Laura: OK. You might even meet (8) sister and (9) boyfriend. They always spend (10) weekends together in the shop.

    Katie: Good. I’d like that.

    Laura: See you on Saturday.

    Katie: Goodbye.

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  • the comparative or superlative

    Charles is writing an article about Hong Kong's two airports. Help him to complete the article using suitable words or phrases, and the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives given in the box below.

    big careful cheap dangerous exciting interesting good tasty

    Two Airports - Two Views!

    Hong Kong International Airport is one of the 1. best airports in the world. However, some people still miss the airport at Kai Tak - they think it was 2. than the new one.My father is one of them. He often says Kai Tak was the 3. airport in the world - when you landed there, you nearly hit the buildings below! My mother says it was the 4. place to land at, but my father believes it was actually the 5. dangerous because pilots were 6. there than at other airports.

    However, the main reasons Mum likes the new airport is that it is 7. with more facilities and flights and it has some of 8. airport shops in the world. Also, it has better restaurants with 9. food than many places!

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  • 字典的發音如何下載

    Oxford Dictionary


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  • 小五體積 - 高手請進


    請列式詳解, 謝謝!

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  • 高手請進 - mp4 格式如何轉檔

    Windows Movie Maker 中的新增視訊和相片不支援mp4格式, 如何轉檔到可以用

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  • 高手請進 - 電腦 - MP3 + 文字

    本人自學習英文併音, 但要一邊開MP3聽聲音, 又要另再開words 看文字, 很不方便.


    我想 download 在手提電話中, 在上學途中溫習

    煩請詳解步驟, 謝謝!

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