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  • 男仔銀包入面應該有d咩?


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  • proportion and probability

    1. A software house found that the project value received over the past year were approximately normally distributed , with a mean of $43,000 and a standard deviation of $8,500 . Suppose the project value remains the same next year.

    a) What proportion of new projects would you expect to be $35,000 or less?

    b) What proportion of new projects would you expect to be between $30,000 and $45,000?

    2.The probability that a bearing meets a specification is 0.92 . Six bearings are picked at random . Calculate the probability that

    a)all six meet the specification

    b)more than four meet the specification

    c)one or none meets specification and

    d)and exactly four meet the specification

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  • exponential & logarithmic

    1. solve the equation e^(x) - 4 + 4e^(-x) = 0

    2.solve the equation log 10(x2)= (log10 x)2

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  • physics question(statics)

    please help me to solve the question below,thx!


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  • ive一問,thx!!!!


  • 機場快線收費一問


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  • F.4 quadratic equations

    1.Consider f(x)=x^2 - 3x +1 and g(x) = 7+2x.Find the values of x such that f(x+1) = g(3x)

    2.If h(x) = 7x^2 - 10x -12 and k(x) = -(5/3)x , find the values of x such that h(x) = k(7x+6)

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  • About quadratic equation

    1.Given that the quadratic equation f(x) = 2x^2 - kx +12 attains its minimum value at x=5/2 .Find

    a)the value of k

    b)the greatest value of 4 - f(x)

    2.Given 2x^2 + 6x +9 = a(x+b)^2 +c,where a,b and c are real constants

    a)Find the values of a,b and c

    b)Hence,write down the least value of 2x^2 + 6x +9

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  • F.4 quadratic equation

    1.If a and b are the roots of the quadratic equation x^2 - 3x +1 = 0,find the quadratic equations whose roots are given below:

    a. 4a-3,4b-3

    b. 2/a^2 , 2/b^2

    c. 3a^2 + 2,3b^2 + 2

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  • F.3 Math Trigonometric

    1.Given that tan theta = 3/4 , find the values of sin theta and cos theta by using trigonometric identities.

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  • 視頻檔案(10分)



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  • rc car

    Which rc car can turn on the headlight,the left and right signal light,the .When it brakes,it can turn on the brake light(the red light).When it is parking,it can turn on the parking light(the white light).

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