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Yee Cheuk Chi

  • 去英國讀A Level! 求救!!

    Hi everyone, i would like to ask some questions about a level

    My parents decided to send me to uk this coming september to attend the sixth form college. I have decided to take Chemistry, Economics, Maths and Further Maths for my a level.

    I have never studied Economics in my Hong Kong school, neither do i have the basic concept of economics. Therefore i am now quite worried whether i could catch up the economic courses in AS.. cause I've heard some of the students there have already taken economics in their gcse and they have the basic knowledge, would it be a struggle for me? And some said that economics are quite hard, i am afraid it's hard for me to swallow ;/

    Besides, as the school does not offer me a a place to study biology, my parents told me to take further maths. I'm really worried about it cuz everyone told me that further maths are extremely difficult and complicated like you would die if you take it.. I personally like maths a lot but i'm afraid further maths would mean AN EXTREME CHALLENGE for me..

    Can anyone give me some advice and is it really THAT hard for both economics and further maths? I'm soo confused and anxious ... thanks

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  • 關於Potential Energy

    我想問下為什麼當炸彈爆炸果時唔係產生Potential Energy geh(因為我覺得當個炸彈爆炸果時彈咗D野,我覺得彈個下係Potential Energy )? 而 Land Slide 果時又會產生Potential Energy geh? 我有D confusing.... :(


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  • 關於濕疹!!!!!十萬火急!! 20點



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  • 遺失啟事同尋物啟事?? PLZ HELP!!



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