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i'm an A-level student

  • Question about Newton's Law

    A pendulum bob hangs in a steady state from the roof of a car as it accelerates horizontally. The angle between the string and the vertical is 10 degrees.

    Find the resultant force acting on the bob and the accelreation of the car.

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  • HK$同US$ 利率問題



    但點解唔係次次跟足而係有時會跟少d le?

    係咪因為HK ge 利率已經差唔多到zero le?

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  • mini SD card was locked

    my miniSD was mistakenly locked...

    wt can i do to due wif it?

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  • mini SD card locked

    i hv locked the mini SD card by my mobile....

    but i hv forgetten the password....

    wt can i do for it...?

    is there any ways can save the memories inside but unlock it?? to format it...?

    plz help..

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  • "會考"個名點黎架???

    as the topic mentioned~~

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  • Physics

    Masses of 6 kg and 2 kg are tied to the ends of a light string which passes over a light smooth pulley. The mass of 6 kg is held 1 m above the floor while the mass of 2 kg is resting on the floor. Find the upward displacement of the 2 kg mass when the system is released.

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  • Physics

    A balloon of total mass 1000 kg floats motionless in the air. If 100 kg of sand ballast are thrown overboard the baloon, with what acceleration does the balloon start to rise and what will be its velocity after 9 seconds?

    Two objects of masses 2 kg and 3 kg are suspended by taut string passing over a frictionless pulley. Determine the acceleration of the two objects and the tension in the string when the system is released.

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  • Physics

    A man, using a 70 kg garden roller on a level surface, exerts a force on 200N at 30 degrees to the ground. Find the vertical force of the roller on the ground if he pulls; and if he pushes the roller.

    A man tries to push a cargo along horizontal ground, but he finds that he cannot move it. If the force he exerted on the cargo is 800N, show the direction of the frictional force on the cargo and give its value.

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  • Math & Stat

    我想知點解有d graph會係有尖角架呢??

    such as:f(x) = 3/4(x^2 - 1)^2/3

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  • 左手guitar



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  • logarithm





    plx help help me...~

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  • 挪亞方舟~


    i want the detail one~thxx

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  • 好煩呀......./︿\....



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  • 犯罪的定義


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  • 浸禮既問題



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  • May u help me???

    what is the difference between atom bomb and nuclear bomb??

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  • Infra red

    俾intra red射到隻眼會點???



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    有冇人知道HKIAAT FA 係咩野試黎???

    邊到有哩個試既paper and answer???

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  • What is [ e ]???



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